The University Christian English Department aims to produce students who:

1. Demonstrate Independence:  becoming self-directed learners who effectively seek high quality resources to succeed.

2. Build Strong Content Knowledge:  establishing a base of knowledge across a wide range of literature, poetry and nonfiction writing

3.  Adapt to Varying Demands of Audience, Task Purpose and Discipline:  adapting communication tone, diction and response for the appropriate medium. 

4. Comprehend and Critique:  becoming open-minded and discerning readers and listeners who can analyze and accept criticism effectively.

5. Value Evidence:  citing specific evidence for any interpretation or argument, and using MLA format to properly attribute any sources.

6. Use Technology Strategically and Capably: employing technology thoughtfully to enhance their viewpoints.

7.Understand Other Perspectives and Cultures: appreciating the interconnectedness of the twenty-first century classroom and workplace, and appreciating different worldviews.(1)

All students will study pieces from multiple time periods and geographic locations, including seminal American literature, classical literature, and other cannonical world pieces.  Further, students will work throughout their time at UCHS to become confident writers with a stong grasp of English grammer and syntax.  Overall, our goal is to produce students who have a command of the English language for communication, analysis and problem solving throughout the course fo their lives.

Thus, the purpose of the English Language Arts curriculum will be to prepare students for the language demands of life outside this classroom.  Through the various pieces we read and the many communicative tasks we prepare we will focus on becoming independent, knowledgeable, evaluative and flexible learners.

(1) Common core state standards for English language arts. (2010). In Common Core Standards. Retrieved from http//

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Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary English - Wake Forest University (Wake Forest, NC)
Bachelor of Arts, English - UNC Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology - UNC Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)


Language Arts Teacher - HM Arndt Middle School, Hickory, NC (2010-2011)
English Teacher - Hickory High School, Hickory, NC (2011 - 2015)
English Teacher - University Christian High School, Hickory NC  (2015 to present)


Academic Advisor (9th/10th/11th/12th Grade Students)
School Newspaper Advisor



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Bachelor of Science, Secondary English - Appalchian State University (Boone, NC)


English Teacher, Department Chair - Bunker Hill High School, Claremont, NC (2009-2010; 2012-2017)
English Teacher - Shelby High School, Shelby, NC (2010 - 2011)
English Teacher - University Christian High School, Hickory, NC  (2017 to present)