“Who cares about math and when am I ever going to need it?” is a frequent lament among students. Broadly speaking, we should study math (or anything) because it is (1) Useful. Mathematical problems abound in daily life, mathematical proficiency is required for many jobs, and mathematics is essential for science, engineering, and research. (2) Important. A mathematically informed citizen will make better economic and political decisions about risk, policy, and resource allocation. (3) Interesting. Doing mathematics teaches patterns of problem-solving and insight that transfer to other knowledge domains and mathematical proof teaches skills in rigor, argumentation and persuasion that transfer to other knowledge domains.

Students entering the 9th grade who were enrolled in 8th grade Math or Pre-Algebra should sign up for Algebra I. Students who have already successfully completed Algebra I should sign-up for Geometry.

Mary Davis mdavis@uchigh.com - http://uchsdavis.weebly.com

Algebra 2
AP Calculus
Computer Science Principles
PreAP Computer Science
AP Computer Science
National Honor Society Advisor


B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, UNC-Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC )
Teacher Certification Program - Secondary Math, UNC-Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)


Math and Computer Science Teacher, University Christian HS,  (2014 - Present and 2010-2012)
Math & Computer Teacher, Concordia Christian Day School, Conover NC (2008-2014)
Computer Educator and Systems Analyst, UNC-Chapel Hill
Computer Systems Auditor - EF Hutton, NY NY

ANDREW SAMUELS asamuels@uchigh.com

Algebra 1, Algebra 2
Discrete Math 


B.S. in Middle Grades Education - Mattematics and Science, Appalachian State University


Middle School Science Teacher - Kings Creek School, Lenoir NC (2013 - 2015)
Math Teacher - University Christian High School (2015 - present)