Mission Statement
University Christian High School's mission is to provide a Christ-centered education that inspires students to excellence in academics, moral character, and servant leadership.

Learning is one of God's most precious gifts. Academic learning for far too long has fallen victim to a secular-industrial age long in need of revival. Students have been crying out for years that their high school experience has been lacking in attachment and meaning.  We see this in their many actions and impulses.  The enduring founding force which guides University Christian High School is the Spirit of Christianity in all that we do.

UCHS is a school where Christian values are taught, modelled and expected to be followed.  Students worship, pray, study God's Word, and perform service projects together. Surrounded by prayer, Christian teachers, Christian counseling, and religious discussions, a positive environment exists that cannot be found in a public school.

UCHS offers an advanced and highly-academic curriculum in partnership with Lenoir-Rhyne University.  Students have the opportunity to take advanced classes as freshmen and sophomores on the high school campus.  As juniors and seniors, the students take Lenoir-Rhyne University classes that count as both high school and college credit.  Students have the opportunity to take many advanced classes that are not normally available to high school students.  

With Lenoir-Rhyne University as our partner in faith and learning, the goal of our joint effort is to create a world-class, highly-academic, faith-based college prep institution.  Through classes that blend intellectual discussion with practical application of theory, visiting speakers, field trips, demonstrations and seminars, UCHS builds an academic environment that thrives upon the intellectual curiosity of students and faculty alike. UCHS leads the way with a strong and focused education that helps keep our students competitive.  UCHS students are recognized for their academic accomplishments and their dedication to service.