Welcome to University Christian High School!

University Christian High School is dedicated to its mission as a parochial high school “to provide a Christ-centered education that inspires students to achieve excellence in academics, moral character, and servant leadership.”

Excellence, as well as inspiration, is much touted and proclaimed.  We understand the challenges of both and take them very seriously.  I believe that Christ is the greatest gift to humanity; and that learning—the attainment of wisdom—and service to our fellow man are the hallmarks of a sound education.  We frequently say that “it’s not about schooling, it’s about learning”—truly learning and understanding.  It’s about helping our students know the difference between being “of this world” and the accompanying “gods” which occupy our lives, and being “in this world” in relationship to that which is the source of all peace and prosperity.

To this end, we welcome you to explore our school.


William Unverfehrt, Principal