Social Studies combines a diverse set of subjects, such as World History, Civics and Economics, US History and even Psychology and Sociology.  Society has placed a high priority on the study of Math, Science and Engineering.  This is important and these fields need highly educated professionals, but the study of human history can complement these STEM skills and provide valuable lessons and skills in any career.

Studying social studies can help us understand our current world and why things are the way they are.  For instance, the conflict between the US and the Middle East can be better understood by exploring the development of the MIddle East as a region and the residue left behind by Western powers.  Understanding how our government functions and operates, which younger people are becoming more aware of, can be accomplished through a study of separation of powers, the Electoral College and a history of how our democracy has been shaped over time.  At a time when most careers involve a global component, it is important for us to be aware of the world around us, but also, the history that has shaped our global society.  Such knowledge can lead to successful business deals between global coporations or a productive career in public service.

Social Studies can also help us analyze complex information, dissect it, interpret it and then utilize it.  This is a major key to succeeding in college and beyond.  Social studies courses at University Christian High School strive to go beyond dates, events and people.  Instead we want students to look at each event and understand its context and world influence.  How did Abraham Lincoln's decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation change the focus of the Civil War and what ramifiactions followed?  How did our political parties come about and how have they changed over time?  Why do we work well with some nations and not so well with others?  Through analysis and utilization of evidence and supplementary material, we can answer these questions and much more. 

Courses Offered:  Civics and Economics, Economics, Government, Government and Politics (AP), and US History (Honors & AP)       

Colin Barrett

Model United Nations and Advisor
Student Council Advisor
Boys' and Girls' Soccer Coach


B.A. History/Secondary Education, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, NC                                M.S. Security Studies/International Security, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC             North Carolina Professional Educator's Liscense Level II
AP US History Training



History Teacher, University Christian High School (Hickory, NC) 2012 - present
History Teacher, South Caldwell High School, Hudson, NC 2011 Temp                                                               Internship, Health and Science High School (Newton, NC)

Jerry Willard

      Religion 11/12 Teacher
      Debate Team Advisor


B.S. Social Science Education, Appalachian University (Boone, NC) 
M.A. Social Science Education, Appalachian University (Boone, NC)
Graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill Principals' Executive Program


Teacher & Coach, Warren County Schools (NC)
Teacher & Coach, Newton-Conover City Schools
Curriculum Coordinator, Newton-Conover High School
AP & Honors American Government Teacher & JV Basketball Coach, Wando High School (Charleston, SC)
Principal/Lead Teacher, Newton-Conover Health Science High School
Principal and History Teacher, UCHS (Hickory, NC) 2010-present

 Jeff Taylor

Dean of Students
Athletic Director
Cross Country/Track Coach


Brevard College, 1970-1981
B.A. History, UNC-Charlotte, 1981-1983
M.A. School Administration, Gardner-Webb University
Principal's Executive Program, UNC-Chapel Hill


Teacher and Coach, Bunker Hill High School, 1984-2000
Assistant Principal, Bunker Hill High School, 2000-2002
Principal, H. M. Arndt Middle School, 2002-2007
Principal, Bunker Hill High School, 2007-2013
Principal, St. Stephens High School, 2013-2015
Dean of Students, Athletic Director, Teacher, Coach, 2015-Present


Teacher of the Year, Bunker Hill High School, 1991
Coached Bunker Hill High School Cross Country Team to a 1A/2A State Championship, 1990
Catawba County Schools Principal of the Year, 2006
President, Catawba County Principals Association, 2004-2006
Member, Region VII Principal Advisory Board 2008-2010