The Hickory-Unifour community is growing in terms of educational choices for high school students.  Thriving communities all over America have found that competitive choices alongside good public schools enhance the entire community's productivity.  Public schools do better when there are viable alternatives.  Healthy competition raises the bar for all endeavors.  The Catawba Valley region has long grown on the notion of healthy competition in the marketplace.  The time has come for a highly academic Christian high school for the Hickory area.  In partnership with Lenoir-Rhyne University, University Christian High School meets this community need in the Lutheran tradition.

Most of the "Top 10 Places to Live" in America have one or more highly-effective, faith-based secondary schools in their communities.  There is a need for such schools in the Catawba Valley area to add to the rich tradition of our successful public schools.  Students have different needs, and in order to enhance the quality of our high school and college graduates it is imperative that students are matched with schools which best meet their learning needs.  The big-box high schools, despite quality outputs for some of their students, still do not reach all students in the most meaningful ways. Learning is one of God's most enduring gifts.  Traditional public school education remains predominately secular and industrial in method and values.  There are many students who thrive in a challenging, Christian environment.  UCHS fulfills this need.

With college cost rising at 5% to 7% annually, UCHS provides relief financially as well as academically.  We are the only accredited, dual-enrollment parochial high school in the Unifour region.  We provide college course work in the 11th and 12th grade for qualifying students.  With students earning up to 30 credit hours, college costs can be reduced! Faith, academics, college cost-containment, and a rich environment of all-around learning fulfills the need of educational competition necessary for a thriving community.